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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know when you will be open in 2024?

At this point we are shooting for end of July 2024, but given the usual and unusual delays in construction, we are holding off any announcements until we get a little closer and can confirm our availability. Please check out our status page, where we will post regular updates on construction. 

Why can’t we just make a reservation now for the middle of the summer so we know we have something?

We would love to take your reservations at Bend RV for summer 2024! Construction is a dynamic process, however, and it is possible unforeseen obstacles could delay our planned opening in July  on a limited basis and fully operational within a couple of months of the first phase. Nobody wants to be open this summer more than we do! We should have a better estimate of the completion of the park by July 2024.

What are the major holdups that you can see that would delay the opening?

Currently, everything is progressing smoothly.  Of course, there are always weather constraints, but mainly we are concerned that the electrical distribution panels that we ordered in June 2023 will arrive in a timely manner. Please stay tuned, we should know more over the next couple of months.

How many sites do you have at the resort and will all the sites be online at the same time?

We have a total of 176 sites.  We expect 120 to open in June and the other 56 within a couple of months of the first phase.

Will all the amenities be open? 

We are anticipating all amenities will be open in July. There is always the possibility that some equipment will not arrive on time and therefore, be unavailable. The entire management team is working daily to make sure we are doing everything we can to get the park up, running smoothly, and ready to welcome our guests!

Are you affiliated with any franchise?


Are there any employment opportunities at this time?

Yes! We would love to talk to you if you want to provide the best experience for our guests and fellow team members as much as we do. Seasonal positions will be announced a later date. We love part-time work campers, so if that describes you, please email your resume to info@bendrvresort.com

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